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C.DIS has been the trend-setter mainly in innovative high-tech products since 2006 originally on Datacom-Telecom, Video Broadcast , Video professional and Security solutions.
C.DIS  acts as a link between the customers and Manufacturers resources, actively developing and driving the symbiotic relationship between all parties involved. Thus, we have established a strong network, invaluable customer relationships and extensive market knowledge in South Europe.

C.DIS is leading your technology, supporting designs and logistics for leading semiconductors, connectors, softwares and subsystems suppliers. C.DIS is therefore considered to be the ideal partner for starting, small and medium sized High-Tech manufacturers of components, connectors, modules and subsystems when they go in search of a new Channel Partner.

C.DIS is a member of SPDEI 

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Why Paying an high price for your high-tech(*) components ?

Contact C.DIS for sourcing sales@c-dis.com
We will find for you an alternative to securely an significantly reduce your BOM cost. (*) FPGAs, Processors, Microcontrollers…

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Cable assembly

your cable assembly (Coax, Fiber optics, …)
We are using our supplier services ensuring you an outstanding quality