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Our frequency chip offer relies on two major manufacturers: Seiko Epson and Seiko Instruments, which own 60 to 70% of in casing or cylindrical 32,768KHz quartz market. Seiko Epson is the world number 1 with 16% Quartz and Oscillators market shares, with smaller casing,the largest offer and smallest consumption on the market for SPXO. Seiko Epson and Seiko instruments offer the largest range in terms of RTC casing, consumption and functions. Seiko Epson is the only manufacturer in the world of frequency chips which controls its production line from Wafer Fab Quartz and IC’s to tests and encapsulation. Seiko Epson, with itsQMems lithographic photo technology produces the smallest casing on the MHz Quartz market. 

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Quartz MHz 16-48MHz 3,2x2,5x0,6

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  • Frequency range
    16MHz to 48MHz
  • External dimensions
    3.2 × 2.5 × 0.6mm
  • Overtone order
  • Applications
    Mobile phone, Bluetooth, W-LAN
    ISM band radio, Clock for MPU

ISM band radio, Clock for MPU


Item Symbol For RF Reference Condition/Remarks
Nominal frequency range f_nom 16.000MHz to 48.000MHz Fundamental For the out of standard specifications, please contact us for inquiries.
Storage temperature T_stg -40°C to +125°C Store as bare product.
Operating temperature T_use -40°C to +85°C (+105 °C) Please contact us about +85 °C < T_use
Level of drive DL 200µW Max. Recommended: 1 to 100µW
Frequency tolerance f_tol ±10 × 10-6 +25°C For the out of standard specifications, please contact us for inquiries.
Frequency versus temperature characteristics f_tem ±10 × 10-6/-20°C to +75°C For the out of standard specifications, please contact us for inquiries.
Load capacitance CL 7pF to ∞ For the out of standard specifications, please contact us for inquiries.
Motional resistance (ESR) R1 As per below table -40°C to +8 °C, DL = 100µW
Frequency aging f_age ±1 × 10-6 / year Max. *1 +25°C, First year

*1 40MHz ≤ f_nom : ±2 × 10-6 / year Max.

Product name (Standard form)

Product number

Motional resistance (ESR)

Frequency Motional resistance
16.0MHz ≤ f_nom < 21.0MHz 60Ω Max.
21.0MHz ≤ f_nom ≤ 48.0MHz 40Ω Max.

External dimensions


(Unit: mm)

Footprint (Recommended)


(Unit: mm)

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