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Dual bridges with outputs 45° out of phase • Wide, angular range • Low resolution capability • Absolute sensing • Typical 0 MHz to 5 MHz frequency response • Low power requirements • Small 8-pin SOIC package on tape and reel. Wide, angular range allows measurements of ±90° without additional components; measurements of ±180° are possible with external components. Dual Wheatstone bridges provide passive, low-noise design, enhancing system performance. Outputs 45° out of phase may be used as speed and direction signals. Resolution capability of less than 0.05° enhances overall system accuracy. Absolute sensing means no indexing is required and the exact target position is known, simplifying system design. Typical 0 MHz to 5 MHz frequency response with 190 G minimum magnetic field applied makes this saturated mode sensor suitable for potential high speed applications. Measures only field direction and is virtually unaffected by shock, vibration and magnetic-source gap variations for stable and reliable output. Small, surface-mount package saves room on PC board when compared to larger IC packages and components. Tape and reel configuration (two sizes available) allows use with automated pick-and-place equipment, potentially reducing assembly costs. Honeywell APS00A instrumentation amplifier available separately for additional signal processing. Potential applications include high-accuracy angular position, speed and angle, and displacement sensing in a wide variety of off road transportation, medical and industrial equipment.

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