Magnétique & Effet Hall

Famille de capteurs permettant de mesurer des déplacements linéaires, d'angles, de position, de vitesse...

Honeywell a des dizaines d'années d'expérience sur ces technologies et propose une gamme alliant performance, fiabilité et cout.

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Hall-effect magnetic sensing technology • Digital current sinking output (open collector) • Advanced performance dynamic offset self- calibration • Air gap up to 2,5 mm [0.098 in] • Zero speed versions • High frequency switching capability (0 Hz to 15 kHz) • -40 ºC to 150 ºC [-40°F to 302°F] operating temperature capability • Multiple connector options • O-ring seal Use a magnetically biased Hall-effect integrated circuit to accurately sense movement of ferrous metal targets. The uniquely designed IC (integrated circuit) and a permanent magnet are sealed in rugged, probe-type packages. The flux density of the permanent magnet alters when approached by ferrous metal and is detected by the Hall ICs. If the sensor is positioned at the circumference of a revolving gear wheel, for example, it detects the teeth and tooth spaces, supplying a digital pulse output with frequency proportional to gear wheel speed. Potential applications include tachometers/counters, speed of gears and shafts in transmissions, hydraulic motors, pumps, and gear boxes flow meters/turbines, and engine RPM.

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