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The MCS9845CV-BA is a PCI based single function I/O Adapter. It has two 16C450/16C550 compatible UART channels and ISA style interface to add external UARTS and Parallel Ports. The MCS9845CV-BA has 32-Byte transmit and receive FIFO for each UART channel. MCS8935CV-BA performs serial-to-parallel conversions on data received from a Serial device, and parallel-to-serial conversions on data received from its CPU. ISA Style interface is designed to add additional Serial / Parallel Ports by using external ISA peripherals. ISA interface can be used for Serial / Parallel port expansion through ISA : 4 Serial or 2 Serial + 1 Parallel. The MCS9845CV-BA is ideally suited for PC applications, such as Add-On COM ports and Parallel Ports. It is available in 128-Pin QFP package & fabricated using an advanced submicron CMOS process to achieve low power drain and high-speed requirements. MCS9845CV-BA is designed to be pin compatible with previous version of MCS9845CV. Existing designs of MCS9845 can be migrated to MCS9845CV-BA without any modification to system design. Software compatibility is also maintained between MCS9845, MCS9845CV-BA. General 5V Operation Low Power Fully compliant with PCI Local Bus Specification 2.3 Re-map function for Legacy Ports Microsoft WHQL Complaint Drivers Advanced testability through scan addition Serial Port Two 16C 450 / 550 compatible UARTs Supports RS232, RS485 & RS422 modes Bi-directional Speeds from 50 bps to 115200 bps / Port Full Serial modem control Supports Hardware Flow Control 5, 6, 7, 8-bit Serial format support Even, Odd, None, Space & Mark parity supported On Chip 32 Byte FIFO's in Transmit, Receive paths for both Serial Ports ISA Interface Bus ISA style I/O interface for extending UARTs & Parallel Ports 8 bit data bus @ 8MHz 3 Address Lines 4 Active-High Interrupts 1 Active Low Interrupt 4 External Chip Selects Miscellaneous Four -Wire SPI Interface for EEPROM EEPROM read through PCI Package:128-Pin QFP, RoHS Operating Temperature : 0 to +70°C

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