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 As a pioneer in digital video, Semtech’s Gennum Products continue to lead the way in proven UHD-SDI/12G, 3G, HD and SD technologies. Semtech continues its leadership in SDI technology by being first to market with an array of advanced UHD-SDI solutions. In fact, there’s a good chance that any TV broadcast or professional video passed through several Semtech components.

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GS2971A Evaluation board

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Together with the EB-GS2971 Evaluation Board, this document serves as a guide for evaluating the GS2971; a Gennum 3Gb/s, HD, SD SDI Receiver, with integrated equalizer. This document contains four main sections:
1. Evaluation Board User Guide.
2. Evaluation Board Schematics.
3. Evaluation Board Layout.
4. Evaluation Board Bill of Materials
The figure below shows a block diagram of the features and the functions of the EB-GS2971.

The board includes a power supply, a 3G-SDI input, a 3G-SDI loop-through output, a GS2971 Receiver, a parallel video output connector, an audio output with four BNCs for AES audio, a four-pin header for serial audio, a JTAG/GSPI header, a 27MHz crystal, a DIP switch and some status indication LEDs.

The GS2971 will automatically detect the input signal as SD-SDI, HD-SDI or 3G-SDI. The input format may also be configured to DVB-ASI or Data-Through mode manually, through a DIP switch. The deserialized video is available on the parallel output connector (J16). The extracted audio is available as serial audio or AES on an audio header (J23), or as buffered AES only audio on the BNC connectors (J19-J22). A serial digital loop-through output is also available.

The EB-GS2971 also provides a JTAG interface and access to the GS2971’s internal registers via GSPI. A GSPI dongle is included in the kit, to communicate with the GS2971 through a USB connection.The GSPI dongle has the provision to control and monitor an additional EB2972 board connected to the EB-GS2971.

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