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 As a pioneer in digital video, Semtech’s Gennum Products continue to lead the way in proven UHD-SDI/12G, 3G, HD and SD technologies. Semtech continues its leadership in SDI technology by being first to market with an array of advanced UHD-SDI solutions. In fact, there’s a good chance that any TV broadcast or professional video passed through several Semtech components.

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UHD-SDI Gearbox; 4x3G <-> 4K

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The GS12070 is a four-input and four-output device which supports conversions between multi-link, dual-link and single-link UHD-SDI interfaces. A bypass mode is also available where the inputs can be routed directly to the outputs. The device supports 12Gb/s, 6Gb/s, 3Gb/s and 1.5Gb/s data rates in the conversion modes and additionally supports 270Mb/s in Bypass Mode.

The GS12070’s features 100 ohm differential serial interfaces, allowing connection to Semtech equalizers, cable drivers as well as optical modules.

Single-Chip Conversion
The GS12070 supports both multiplex and de-multiplex modes in one device. The desired mode and conversion is set through mode-select pins.

Robust Receive Solution
The GS12070 eases the system challenge of receiving multi-link SDI signals by automatically compensating for input channel skew. In modes that convert from 12Gb/s ßà 6Gb/s combinations, the GS12070 automatically compensates for up to 300ns of serial input channel skew. In all other conversion modes, up to 800ns of input channel skew is available. As link ordering is critical for multi-link interfaces. The GS12070 is able to automatically order the incoming serial streams for multiplexing SMPTE compliant UHD-SDI interfaces. The link order can also be configured manually to compensate for cases where the cable order has been connected incorrectly.

Flexible Distribution Modes
In configuration modes where there are unused outputs available, the GS12070 can be programmed to duplicate existing outputs. In addition, inputs can be assigned to unused outputs for monitoring purposes.

Key features

  • Fully standards compliant turnkey solution enabling a simplified UHD-SDI interface
  • Converts between HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, 6G UHD-SDI, and 12G UHD-SDI using MUX (Multiplex) and DeMUX (Demultiplex) modes
    • Quad Link 3G-SDI ↔ Single Link 12G UHD-SDI
    • Dual Link 6G UHD-SDI ↔ Single Link 12G UHD-SDI
    • Dual Link 3G-SDI (ST 425-3) ↔ Single Link 6G UHD-SDI
    • Quad Link 3G-SDI (ST 425-5/6) ↔ Dual Link 6G UHD-SDI
    • Quad Link (1.5Gb/s x 4) HD-SDI ↔ Single Link 6Gb/s
    • Dual Link (1.5Gb/s x 2) HD-SDI ↔ Single Link 3Gb/s
  • Bypass modes for all supported rates, including SD
  • Automatic skew compensation for multi-link inputs
  • Automatic input link order handling for multi-link 3Gb/s input
  • Configurable Serial Output assignment
  • Configurable multi-link output delay
  • 100Ω Differential Inputs
  • Input trace equalization up to 12dB
  • Four 100Ω Differential Outputs
  • Individually selectable output swing
  • Reference Clock/Crystal Input — 27MHz
  • GSPI Serial Control and Monitoring Interface
  • Automatic and manual SMPTE ST 352M handling
  • 12mm x 12mm 196-Ball BGA (0.8mm pitch)
  • Pb-free/Halogen-free/RoHS/WEEE compliant package


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